Purpose On Tap | August

We hope last night as much as fun for you as it was for us! We had the privilege of hearing Brett Butler share lessons he learned as he pursued being a Major League Baseball player as well as a husband and a father. 

Brett stressed a few points - 

1) What attitude are you going to have? Through two bouts with cancer, a stroke, parents early deaths, & more; Brett realized the importance of controlling his attitude.

2) Similarly, Brett talked about the importance of waking up each day with the mindset of "how can I be a positive influence for other people today."

3) What do you want your story to be? Whoever you think you are going to be, that is probably who you will end up being. You can choose to be whoever you want, so choose wisely! 

4) Who are you surrounding yourself with? We as men/humans are weak & we all fall short. Who is helping pull you up and hold you accountable where you need it?   

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Calder Justice