Purpose On Tap | June 2019

This week at Purpose On Tap we tried something a little bit different and hear from our peers and the founders of POT.

1) David Johnston shared his struggle with jumping right into the rat race of chasing a career and money. But also shared how he was able to overcome his lack of fulfillment by pursuing a greater passion and purpose.

2) Calder Justice shared with us how he overcame his preconceived notions of "church" and Christians to successfully surround himself with a community of men who he has had to lean on to get through his moms battle with breast cancer and also hold him accountable to the man he is trying to be.

3) Matthew Cesari shared how he reached a low point in his marriage and had to make major changes in how he approached his relationship with his wife.  He transitioned from a selfish attitude full of expectations, to one full of gratitude and grace.

4) Clayton Edwards provided his wisdom and what he has learned as he moved from being single to married, to now a father of two.  His priorities have shifted over time and now uses a filter to focus on the things in life that matter most. And he has learned to say no to good opportunities, in order to be available for great ones.  He also has realized the importance of wise counsel and mentor-ship.

We encourage folks to reach out to us individually if you want to dig a little deeper.  Our emails are listed here: mscesari@gmail.com, david.johntson42@gmail.com, calderjustice@gmail.com, clayton.t.edwards@gmail.com

For those of you looking to dig a little deeper and take one step further, we have vetted and participated in a bunch of groups that could be a good resource for you.  Here are a few of them but let us know if we can help connect with with one specifically:

If you are seeking daily wisdom, one our previous speaker Kyle Pease has an awesome morning devotional.  We strongly encourage you to sign up with the link below if you are interested in it.


We hope everyone has an awesome America Day and look forward to our meeting in August.

Calder Justice