Purpose On Tap | May 2019

We had the privilege of hearing the amazing story of Tommy Breedlove's transformation and rescue. He survived an upbringing of child abuse and pain and was rescued and now lives with a mindset that you are worthy and you are lovable.

A few things we want to take away from this experience and what he shared:

1. You never forget how people make you feel.

2. Arrogance is a massive form of insecurity.

3. Rescue yourself by investing in yourself first. Your emotional, mental, spiritual health.

4. Have a formal gratitude practice. Switches your thoughts from anger to abundance and love.

5. Meditation daily. What does that look like for you? Is is a quiet time?

6. Every decision you make if it is not a "hell yes" it is a "no". If there was one thing in your life you need to get rid of, what is it?

To close out the Spring, we will have an interactive panel discussion with a few  familiar  faces.  

Calder Justice