Purpose On Tap | February 2018

John Woodall brought the heat last night on what we as men need to survive!  His authenticity resonated with every man in the room. 

John spoke about 7 different questions each of us need to be able to answer. At the surface they appear to be easy questions . . . 

1) Where am I? 

2) What is my story? 

3) Who am I? 

4) Why am I here?       

5) Where am I going? 

6) What about women? 

7) Who can I trust?

All of us are spiritual beings on a masculine journey and the guy who dies with the most toys does not win! God designed us to be in community so that we do not have to 'do life' on our own. Begin with the end in mind - what is your origin? where do you live? what is your purpose in life? 

Saturday February 17th, join us for the Atlanta Mission 5K! Use promo code "RunWithPurpose" for $5 off the registration. We will have a cooler of beverages at the finish line, bring a friend, bring your girlfriend, bring your wife - it will be awesome!  https://atlantamission5k.itsyourrace.com/register/

Saturday April 14th, join us for an overnight trip to Burge Plantation. It will be an afternoon filled with gun powder, good beer, great food and most importantly community. Spots are limited. https://www.purposeontap.com/

Our weekly gather before work has moved from Wednesday mornings to Friday mornings! We still meet at 128 East Andrews Drive from 7:00 - 8:00am - every Friday starting February 16th.  

Jim Reese will be speaking on March 7th and he will be running with us on February 17th. 

John Woodall shares his life's journey with Jesus, changing one man at a time . . .
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