Purpose On Tap | June

Through 25+ years of challenging & developing leaders, Tommy Newberry's has identified key characteristics that he has picked up via the influential people he works with. He shared those key characteristics & explored how output comes directly from input. Below are a few take-aways we discussed last night. 

1) Work Ethic: How hard are you willing to work? This is something you are 100% in control of and will separate you from the pack. 

2) Focus: Your focus will determine your performance. What you choose to input into your mind will likely determine the output. Usually what you think about & visualize tends to be what you choose to pursue. You have to think it before you can do it. 

3) Relationships: What are you doing to surround yourself with people who challenge you & push you to be greater? Make sure you are exposing yourself to people who create a healthy & productive environment. 

4) Serve: Not in the sense that you are volunteering with a local organization on a Saturday (although that is great), but almost more of a mindset shift. How can I make sure that in everything I do, I am asking how it can help/benefit other people.  

Do NOT settle to be fine or okay, continue pursuing Optimal status!  

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