Purpose On Tap | May

Ross Mason had an incredible message and challenged all of us, here are a few takeaways from Monday night. 

1) Look to the person to your left & right, those are the people that matter the most. How can I make an impact on the people I interact with the most? 

2) Every person Ross meets with, he asks "How can I help you?" Without expecting anything in return. If you want to be even more courageous & believe in the power of prayer, ask, "How can I pray for you?"

3) Ross challenged us to be a catalyst for change in our own city, to build bridges not barriers in our community. 

4) Ross truly believes in miracles, he is one. How could he be speaking, influencing, and positively impacting people the way he does; if not for God giving him the platform to do so? 

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Calder Justice