Purpose On Tap | April

Is the third time the charm? We think so. Over 100 guys gathered on Monday to hear John Wright deliver a powerful & interactive message on the importance of mentorship in a man's life. John spoke about three Biblical people who represent what is needed for a 360° view of your life.

1)  Paul: Someone in your life who is older and wiser than you.  Possibly a season or two ahead of you in life who can share lessons they’ve learned from previous experiences. These men can help guide you through pivotal decisions in your life.

2)  Barnabas: Your soul brother.  A contemporary who you do life with. Who knows you intimately & will call you out & hold you accountable.  There is no such thing as self-accountability & we could all use someone to call BS on us.

3) Timothy: Who can you be a “Paul” to?  We all should be seeking to give back & pour into someone younger than us & share what we’ve learned from our mistakes & successes.

Our goal is simple at Purpose on Tap, we are driven to help young men as they pursue faith by serving their family, friends, & community. We hope you enjoyed Purpose on Tap & we look forward to seeing you again on Monday, May 1st at 8:00 pm.

Calder Justice