Purpose In Life & Why It Is Important

I was lucky enough to have a awesome manager at my first job out of college. Not only did Randy and I have the “6 inches rule,” meaning that if it snowed more than 6 inches over night, I was going skiing and not coming into work the next day,  but he also challenged me. He asked me for a 3 - 5 year life plan and it took me a year to go back with an answer, which was: “in the next 3-5 years, I will come up with a 3 - 5 year plan”. I was 24 and thought that was a great goal. I realize now that Randy was trying to help me to find my purpose in life through a plan.

Over the last 9 years, I have sought far and wide, trying to find my purpose. A few friends and I started a small group; we meet every other week and discuss a book or topic over a few cold pints. I joined a men’s group at my Church; we meet every Tuesday morning before work. I have been on 5 mission trips. I went to Business school. I have changed jobs twice. I married my soulmate. I have done countless tasks trying to “check the box” on searching for my purpose. Some days I think I have found my purpose and others I feel lost.

Last Spring two things happened: 1) a few friends and I started to talk about creating a unique “men’s group” targeted to our demographic 2) I joined a company that has challenged me more in one year than all my other jobs combined. Both of these factors combined, have created a springboard for identifying my purpose during this phase in my life.

In March 2016, Tucker Yates, Matthew Cesari, Clayton Edwards, David Johnston, and myself launched Purpose on Tap. We spent 10 months talking with guys and regularly meeting to dial in the details to make sure our idea would be successful. The feedback has been outstanding and we are in awe with the thirst of young men wanting to find their purpose in life, through living out God’s word.

So why is finding “purpose” important in one’s life? Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done/created or for which something exists.” Knowing your purpose is not going to give you an instant raise/promotion; it is not going to help you close your next deal; it is not going to help you patch a broken relationship; it is not going to help you fit into clothes from last year that are now a little tight. BUT, if you are working towards figuring out your purpose in life, you will be more intentional in your decisions. You will begin to look at your career through a different lens. You will have a better perspective on taking the high road or even fall on your sword to mend that broken relationship. You will realize that you feel better when you eat healthier and regularly exercise. That is what finding purpose will do; it is a mind shift. ~ Calder Justice

We are driven to help young men discover their purpose, as they pursue faith by serving their friends family and community. If you want to learn more visit www.purposeontap.com

Calder Justice