Purpose On Tap | December

What an awesome night we had hearing from Jeff Foxworthy! He shared about the facts of life and how his faith has played such an important role in who he is today as a husband, father, & community leader. Below are take aways from the message. 

1) Regarding Christianity & faith. Jesus's message isn't rules & religion, but wisdom. Practical advice for anyone to live by. 

2) "In short, there are no bad habits or good habits that can make our heavenly father love us less or more. Don't get caught up on either side of the fence thinking you have done too many bad things for God to love you or that you are doing 'all the right things' to earn God's love. Both types of men are loved the same"

3) You don't get a practice lap with life. You get one lap, make it count. 

4) As men, the hardest thing to do, is let go. If you can realize you're not in control, there is a ton of freedom in letting go. 

5) Don't just be here, be valuable. Rain grace on people. 

6) We were meant to live in community with one another. Life is too hard to go through it alone. Who are the men you can surround yourself with to do life together? 

Thoughts from the Fox . . 

"wisdom equals knowledge plus scars"

"straight roads are boring, we are meant to live life in the curves and the hills"

We hope everyone has a Merry Merry Christmas & rest of the year! 2018 POT kick off is February 5th.

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