Purpose On Tap | November

We had the opportunity to hear from Glen Jackson on Monday (11/6). Through his 32 years of marriage and over 20 years as the co-founder of Jackson Spalding, Glen has learned many thing about business, life, & faith which he shared with us. 

1) Business: Glen provided what he thought were the most important B's of business. Be humble / Be curious / Be an assertive leader / Be a relationship builder / Be a team player / Be driven / Be a man of character / Be generous (with time, talent, & finances) / Be an encourager / Be open minded / Be consistent (with emotions, actions, decisions, & motivations) / Be resilient / Be there.  

2) Life: Glen talked about the importance of Enduring & Enjoying life. We all face challenge & troubles in life. How can we learn to embrace & address our pain in order to receive gain? 

3) Faith: Glen discussed the role his faith has played in his ability to cope with disappointment & pain & how God's grace has lifted him up out of darkness. Verses that have had the biggest impact on Glen are Luke 2:52, all of Colossians Ch. 3, & Psalm 112. We are excited for our last meeting of 2017 on December 4th when we will hear from Jeff Foxworthy. Look for the invitation next week.   


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Calder Justice