POTbelly meets every Wednesday. We will have coffee & breakfast starting at 7:00AM sharp. Let us know if you are interested in drilling deeper in a focused & POT like environment at Smokebelly. 

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What's Next?!

We have a lot more to offer than our monthly meetings at Monday Night Brewery. Our desire to create a positive impact in our community grew organically in our own lives. Purpose On Tap will host a variety of outlets to assist in enriching your personal growth.


Small Groups: Men getting real on Faith

This is where the real magic happens, we will help organize groups of 7-10 guys for you to meet at someone's home to get a little deeper than we do at our monthly Purpose on Tap gathering.  The group will decide topics and cadence of meetings. We have hand picked small group leaders who are ready to get to know you, on a personal level.  More  information is coming soon! 


Mentoring: Learn from a gentleman who has been through it all. 

This is going to be a very special component here at Purpose on Tap. Our mentor / mentee program will pair you up with a gentlemen who has seen it all and is invested in you and your walk in life.  We have designed our mentorship program to help enable and build our future leaders, to learn from the leaders one generation ahead of us.  More  information is coming soon!