Here at Purpose on Tap, we know that finding your Purpose in Christ can be a challenge and greatly enhanced through creating your Community. We have vetted all of these outlets and encourage you to explore at least one of these.

Atlanta Mission + Purpose On Tap

= A Closer Community

Monday 7:30p – 9:00p - Buckhead area.  Reach out to for more details.

Tuesday 7:00a – 8:00a – Ironmen at Peachtree Church / The Lodge. Reach out to for more details

Tuesday 7:00a - 8:00a – The Hub at The Church of the Apostles. Reach out to for more details.  

Friday 7:00a -8:00a – Gathering at The Lodge.  Reach out to for details.

CLC groups – A more intensive gathering.  Reach out to for more details.

Radical Mentoring – monthly gathering.  Go to  for details.

We are firm believers that God has put us on earth to live in community. Without community, who do you have to lean on what times are tough? Here at Purpose On Tap, we are partnering with the Atlanta Mission to strengthen our community of Christian brothers.

If you are interested in growing your community and spending time with our brothers in Christ at the Atlanta Mission reach out to Calder Justice @ 404-406-2287.